[peel] One week to go on Best Of The Best Of the Best

rockerq@... rockerq@...
Tue Dec 4 20:39:40 CET 2007

> <<Make a difference, for nothing more than a salute to the man who made
> it all possible. Thank you.>>
John would have hated looking back - he was always one for looking ahead to 
next year's biggies - which is of course why he was such a great DJ and why we 
all listened to his show.

He only put up with doing the F50 because xmas was a slow time for new 
records & he was probably scared the BBC would kick him out for Steve bleedin 
Wright's Xmas panto or whatever if he didn't have a "Festive" element to his show - 
every year he threatened not to do it, but everyone would moan at him, so he 
did it grudgingly.

If he was still alive he'd be playing new stuff you'd never heard of, not 
Teenage Kicks!


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