[peel] One week to go on Best Of The Best Of the Best

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remind us of the URL then!

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> Date: 2007/12/04 Tue AM 10:24:07 GMT
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> Subject: [peel] One week to go on Best Of The Best Of the Best
> It would be nice if everyone pitched in for my poll. The response so 
> far has been a little bit disappointing, to be perfectly honest. How 
> much of your time does it take to list three tracks from Festive 
> Fifties 1976-2004? And what is wrong with committing yourself just for 
> fun? It's not the Phil Spector trial, is it?
> So please...thanks very much to the kind people who have already 
> contributed, and a gentle plea to those who haven't. I am thinking very 
> seriously about doing this poll as a podcast, but as it stands, there 
> are going to be a lot of 'equals' (I have nine tracks listed at number 
> four!!)
> Make a difference, for nothing more than a salute to the man who made 
> it all possible. Thank you.
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