Roger Carruthers roger.carruthers@...
Sun Dec 2 00:57:07 CET 2007

As promised, here's that Weddoes recording from last weekend:
 (117MB, 256kB VBR .mp3)
Apologies for the overdrive - I haven't had the OKM's long and didn't have
the pre-amp set up quite right.
 The sound is pretty 'live' however you listen to it, but to get the full
'being there' effect, try listening via headphones - it's a binaural
recording, which means you get an amazingly life-like stereo image when
heard through headphones. If you listen carefully, you can travel with me to
the bar and hear me ordering a couple of cans!

   Rocker, does your presence at the gig mean you're a local boy, or were
you there in a professional capacity? I'll look forward to hearing your
recordings on your show anyway,

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