Herra Gee herra.gee@...
Mon Jun 12 23:40:37 CEST 2006

Evening all,

as I'm sorting (admittedly slowly) through my tapes of Finnish Peel 
shows (yes, a new batch of those is coming some fine day) and trying to 
compile a decent tracklisting for each show, I've come across a couple 
of annoyances. So I thought maybe some of you might be able to sort them 
out for me. A couple hours googling didn't do the trick.

We're talking about July 1988.

Which Too Much Texas (featuring Tom Hingley, later of the Inspirals) 12" 
included 'You Blister My Paint'? Was it the Uglyman or the Playtime release?

Did The Wildhouse (from Dundee) ever release 'Loathsome' as a commercial 
12"? The band's website (I'm amazed they're still around...) does not 
contain any kind of discography.

Also, was there ever a (punk) band called Gruel? Did they have a tune 
titled 'Dead and Buried'? Or am I hearing something I shouldn't?

Research and Destroy,


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