[peel] One World To End

Martin Wheatley martin2@...
Thu Jul 6 16:03:51 CEST 2006

At 13:34 06/07/2006, you wrote:

>Hmm. Check here: 
> From that it looks like Rob still has 2 hours, although Louise claimed 
> it's down to 1.
>Either way it's a pretty shocking decision to move two of the guys 
>trumpeted less than 2 years ago as Peel's successors to graveyard shifts. 
>Hopefully my stinging letter to Parfitt will have some effect (yeah right..).
And I bet those 4 1 hour specialist shows at 9 PM presented by Steve Lamacq,
Tim Westwood, Jo Whiley and Pete Tong have you really excited!


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