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Teenager sparks row over 'boring' Chatteris claim on radio

23 Sep 2004 14:50


A CHATTERIS teenager sparked a furore when he was featured on 
national radio complaining that Chatteris was the most boring place 
on earth.

The 15-year-old, known only as Adam, delivered his damning judgement 
on Radio 4's Home Truths programme with John Peel on Saturday.

Chatteris Town Council vice-chairman Sue Elam said: "It makes me feel 
incredibly sad, but it is not for want of trying.

"Young people have to put their money where their mouth is. Chatteris 
Action for Youth got £3,900 lottery funding to create a youth council.

"Posters went up and leaflets went out, but no-one came forward."
Now the deadline has been put back to October 21 for a second try.
Mrs Elam said Chatteris skate board park began as a teenager's idea 
and was now a reality.

Chatteris now has a cyber cafe at Grove House, the Youthoria website 
and the mobile Teen-Machine bus which meets at the top of New Road at 
7.30pm to 9pm on Wednesdays and Thursdays, said Mrs Elam.

Town councillor Chris Howes said: "You have got to have every 
sympathy with Adam's point of view.

"We don't have a leisure centre, we don't have a public swimming 
pool, we don't have a gym.

"You have no chance as a teenager of pre-driving age of going to the 
cinema in March- as the last bus back is about 6.30pm!"

Labour's prospective parliamentary candidate for North East Cambs 
ffinlo Costain, who lives in Chatteris, said: "Adam is right, there 
is very little for kids to do in Chatteris and public transport is 
absolutely abysmal.

"Kids do have a general suspicion of authority.

"But we must work together to get the things they want rather than 
impose our will on them."

Chatteris county councillor and Fenland District Council leader Alan 
Melton, said: "There are tennis, badminton and cricket clubs, an 
Internet cafe, a successful swimming club and Chatteris Working Men's 
Club welcomes children under supervision, but they can become members 
when they are 16.

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