[peel] yo la tengo's wfmu cover show...anyone record it?

Fabrice Pabois Fabrice.Pabois@...
Sun Mar 21 14:54:19 CET 2004

Martin Wheatley wrote:
> I'm the one who got the Low prog but I must admit I cheat and don't use
> the live stream but use the archives later
> Most of the progs are available as a Real stream and as an Mp3 stream
> a day or two after broadcast.   If you can work out the URL it's even
> possible to download the MP3 stream as a file
> The Yo La Tengo prog is not archived yet but hopefully it will go up in
> a day or two.  There is obviously the possibility since they are a big band
> that their management has not agreed to archiving
> If it does go up the MP3 URL will be
> http://archive.wfmu.org:5555/archive/GF/gf040320.mp3
> But this doesn't work at the moment

Actually there's a 
http://archive.wfmu.org:5555/archive/GF/gf040320.mp3-n of 89.3Mb (a 96 
kbps mp3) and http://archive.wfmu.org:5555/archive/GF/gf040320.rm of 
20.4Mb. Thanks for the tip !


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