[peel] yo la tengo's wfmu cover show...anyone record it?

Martin Wheatley martinwheatley@...
Sun Mar 21 11:11:00 CET 2004

At 08:56 21/03/2004 +0000, you wrote:
 >i was wondering if anyone was able to record the 128mp3 webstream
 >from wfmu. yo la tengo was on last night, and they did their annual
 >covers show -- if you donate, you can ask for any cover. ylt plays
 >it without questions.
 >anyway, i tried recording it. fell asleep and i lost the stream
 >twice. first i the middle of their cover of the pixies "gigantic"
 >and then later.
 >i know someone recorded the low xmas special so i thought it was a
 >shot to ask.

I'm the one who got the Low prog but I must admit I cheat and don't use
the live stream but use the archives later
Most of the progs are available as a Real stream and as an Mp3 stream
a day or two after broadcast.   If you can work out the URL it's even
possible to download the MP3 stream as a file
The Yo La Tengo prog is not archived yet but hopefully it will go up in
a day or two.  There is obviously the possibility since they are a big band
that their management has not agreed to archiving
If it does go up the MP3 URL will be
But this doesn't work at the moment


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