Great Briton

Stuart McHugh stuart@...
Mon Oct 21 15:28:51 CEST 2002

>but how much rubbish had preceeded him?? Robbie Williams? Freddie Mercury?
>Enoch Powell? Richard the Third? Julie Andrews? Maybe I had my expectations
>set a little too high.
>Intersteting to see the heavy regional bias in the selections (Wallace,
Bruce etc).

It's a very silly poll - yer regional types like Wallace had 
significance and did significant things, but being broadly against 
Britain as an entity you could hardly include them as literally 
'Great Britons'. (Same goes for Edward 1st, Henry VIII, etc). 
Probably some sort of protest vote, which would have been better 
spent on John Logie Baird - without whom, the British public would 
probably never have heard of Jane Austen.
Good to see Michael Crawford in the top 20 though.


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