[peel] Great Briton

Rob Strong rob-bl@...
Sun Oct 20 23:52:41 CEST 2002

From: "Rob Brewer" <lists@...>

> I was just flipping the channels, alighted for a moment on BBC2's
> "Great Britons", and at no. 43... (grams: Teenage Kicks by the
> Undertones) ...broadcaster John Peel.

but how much rubbish had preceeded him?? Robbie Williams? Freddie Mercury?
Enoch Powell? Richard the Third? Julie Andrews? Maybe I had my expectations
set a little too high.

Intersteting to see the heavy regional bias in the selections (Wallace,
Bruce etc).

There's over an hour of the show to go still. Which means that Beckham is in
the top 40....


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