Andy Smith andy.smith@...
Fri Jan 18 13:20:12 CET 2002

John Clare:

>  to be honest I only ever really enjoy 2-3 songs per show 

Same here if you're talking about things I'd look out for in the shops.
But I also enjoy the diverse range of stuff. I'd (probably) never buy any 
death metal but I always have a good laugh at the stuff Peel plays. A whole
specialist show would be too much but the odd bit's good. 

I've enjoyed dub for 25 years now, courtesy of Mr Peel, but hadn't bought 
any until I picked up a King Tubby compilation for £1.99 this xmas. 

I like hearing the drum'n'bass stuff too, but a lot of that's stuff I 
wouldn't buy. 

It's odd really, give all the extreme stuff that he plays, that he 
occasionally latches onto a band that's really quite weedy (not very well
put but I'm thinking of the likes of Melys, say or Camera Obscura). 

And then there are the real gems; the bands you've never heard of before
(or possibly again), the ones who get played once maybe and the track 
becomes one of your favourites (anyone remember Quarks from last year?).

Andy Irvine:

> Probably the band I most regret never having seen live, along with 
> Th' Faith Healers.

Ah, Th'Faith Healers. I saw them do two superb gigs at the Jericho Tavern 
in Oxford. If it's any consolation my Faith Healers records were nicked 
shortly afterwards.


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