[peel] Digest Number 453

John.Clare@... John.Clare@...
Thu Jan 17 11:44:20 CET 2002

Hi all,

In response to whether we dislike any sessions/shows, personally I love Peel to
bits but to be honest I only ever really enjoy 2-3 songs per show (ie. I note
them down and keep an eye out for them when record shopping). The only sessions
I've really enjoyed as a whole recently have been the Smog and Low sessions.
Part of the enjoyment of the show for me is the great man himself, and his
haphazard DJing!

Even so, I listen religiously because amongst all the (IMHO) crap he plays there
are a few gems, which make it worthwhile. He played the God Machine the other
night - superb, haven't heard them for years. It's the same reason I buy NME -
it's 98% shit but if I buy at least one excellent LP after reading about a band
then it makes it all worthwhile.

I don't want to sound too negative, but feel that people worship him regardless
of what he plays, and think "John Peel likes it so it must be good". Be honest,
can you distinguish between the dub reggae and techno he plays? All sounds the
same to me! ;-)

Await flame.....

PS. I hate Melys, can't see what the fuss is about. And he's always playing
them. Why?! Am I missing something here? Grrrrr.

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