[peel] Thanks for Mogwai! New questions about The Fall; Boyracer and FGTH!!

markbursa@... markbursa@...
Wed Aug 14 23:21:15 CEST 2002


> >>I have just bought the Rough Trade Singles CD box set solely because 
> the Kicker Conspiracy CD has the Peel Session version of Container 
> Drivers on it - or so it is claimed! I am certain that the version on 
> the CD issue is not the same version as I have on the vinyl 7 inch 
> single - can this be true? I am without access to a turntable at the 
> moment so can't verify this theory. I just seem to remember that the 
> Peel version of Container Drivers has a fantastic clean sound and 
> possibly the finest 4 second guitar solo ever recorded - anyone able 
> to verify the validity of the CD version as the true Peel Session?<<

It's the Grotesque version (both CDrivers and New Puritan). Castle apparently 
wouldn't pay the BBC licence fee for the Peel tracks. So they produced a 
beautiful, but pointless box set.....


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