Thanks for Mogwai! New questions about The Fall; Boyracer and FGTH!!

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Wed Aug 14 22:54:43 CEST 2002


Huge thanks to Rob Strong for sorting out the Mogwai issue! By a 
happy coincidence I have just purchased 3 CD-Rs of Mogwai rarities 
from a guy on Ebay. I had only listened to the Peel Sessions disc in 
the collection and was mortified to find that the John Madden track 
wasn't there. However, another disc does seem to have the track with 
the Madden sample!!

Secondly: The Fall

I have just bought the Rough Trade Singles CD box set solely because 
the Kicker Conspiracy CD has the Peel Session version of Container 
Drivers on it - or so it is claimed! I am certain that the version on 
the CD issue is not the same version as I have on the vinyl 7 inch 
single - can this be true? I am without access to a turntable at the 
moment so can't verify this theory. I just seem to remember that the 
Peel version of Container Drivers has a fantastic clean sound and 
possibly the finest 4 second guitar solo ever recorded - anyone able 
to verify the validity of the CD version as the true Peel Session?

Thirdly: Boyracer

A few years ago I heard a Boyracer session with a track 
called "Pretentious Headline Band Ego Problem". This was close to 
record of the year in my view! I have a lot of Boyracer stuff but 
have never found any CDs or vinyl with this track on. Does anyone 
know whether this track has an incarnation outside the Peel Session - 
if not, does anyone have the facility to get a version on CDR for me? 
I will happily pay whatever you ask (within some reason of course!!)

Fourthly: FGTH

The Peel Session recorded by Frankie Goes to Hollywood has definitive 
versions of their early tracks (and shows they could just about play 
their instruments). Has this ever been released in any official form. 
If not, does anyone have a means of getting the session onto CDR? I 
will pay through the nose for a copy!! (caveat as above).

Sorry to go on, but with one question answered within hours I thought 
I would push my luck ....

Trevor Huddleston

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