[peel] various folk

Lynn Greig weelynn@...
Mon Feb 12 00:32:31 CET 2001

  First off we have Dianogah. Their 7" single "Hannibal" is out now on Southern records, and they're touring the UK this week. All the info you need is at http://www.southern.net/southern/shop/

  "Shilito" are in fact Shellito, and you can find all you need at http://www.shellito.com/

  cheers (i _knew_ i had it written down wrong!!)

  And http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio1/djs/peel_tracklistings_240101.shtml tells me that the Wardrobe song is called "That Makes Us Mermaids" on the improbably named, "Don, When Are You Coming To Belgium" record label. But that's all I can tell you!
  yeah - i got all that from the programme, but they don't seem to exist ANYwhere on the web

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