Pirate Radio Hall Of Fame

Tom Roche troche@...
Sat Feb 3 23:45:13 CET 2001

I've come across an interesting archive of old pirate radio tapes on a sort of UK Pirate Radio Hall Of Fame website. There are bios and photos of something like 150 Pirate DJ's for around the 1960's, and  vintage program tape samples for over 100 of them. 

Peel is there of course, and there's an entertaining clip, about 3 minutes long, of some intro's and outro's of some records Peel played on Radio London including "the new LP from The Incredible String Band." The tape is probably from 1967 or '68, and has a number of lovable trademark traits that persist to this day, such as potentially empty promises to play something or other next week if he remembers. 

Plus hippy drippy "Zodiac Contest" results, and intro-ing I'm Only Sleeping as "these are our leaders."

Very entertaining, see


tom in atlanta

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