licensing peel sessions....

matt0050@... matt0050@...
Mon Aug 7 22:19:47 CEST 2000

hello... first off let me introduce myself to the list
my name is matt... i'm from philadelphia USA. i'm 22 and my current musical 
obsessions arent't very current at all but rather dated stuff from the C86 era
i love the shop assistants, the primitives, and the 14 iced bears... among 

my question to those "in the know"...  i would like to license a peel session 
or two for my label.. show and tell... here in the states. i'd like to 
release the skinned teen peel session from january of 94 (i beleive) as part 
of a full discog for that band... and i'd like to release the session golden 
starlet did in january of 95 as a 7"...
i sent john peel an email about the skinned teen discog about 3 weeks ago and 
failed to garner a response.... woe is me
is there someone i should be talking to about this other than john peel... he 
surely doesn''t handle this stuff all by his lonesome.... and i'm impatient 
and want to know what it's gonna take to get these fine records out.
anywayz hello to you all and good day!               luv, *matt!

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