Re Chasing Ratings (Carry On Jack?)

Stephen_J._Wood@... Stephen_J._Wood@...
Sun Apr 30 12:09:09 CEST 2000,Internet writes:
Radio 1 for their part are
just chasing ratings which isn't what public service broadcasting should be
all about.

Sadly that's how they are forced to behave, in order to justify spending
licence payers' money. If their audience had continued to fall after the
early nineties trough, they'd have been axed by now, or at least all the
programmes which don't work to the playlist would have been.

It's the daytime/breakfast show shite for no-brainers that actually drags
listeners back from the commercials, and if you think R1 is bad, just listen
to your friendly local station.

At least R1 doesn't have ads (yet), except of course the bloody irritating
trails for other BBC product which interrupt every decent show on the
station, Peel included. Radio 4 listeners don't have to put up with ads in
the middle of The Archers, so why do we? Probably we're not middle class




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