Ritchie Hawtin

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Sat Apr 29 19:52:33 CEST 2000

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> Hi,
> I am listening to Peel tonight with Ritchie Hawtin live and i feel 
> physically sick and delirious, sick cos i'm not taping this and 
> cos thats what it is.
> If anyone is recording this please get in touch - i will send my 
granny for
> copy.
> Woooooohhhhh.
> Tremendous

Yeah, it was good.
I'll send you a tape of 45mins of it before the bloody tape ran out!
Just e-mail me your address.

Any chance of you having a tape of 7th March 2000 (for the Admiral 
Tibet track) and 30th March 2000 (for Maloko-In the midnight hour)?




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