[peel] Digest Number 206

Stuart McHugh Stuart@...
Thu Apr 27 11:12:16 CEST 2000

>	Exterminator. Do people feel it was worth the hype? I certainly do (Ok
>maybe it was a bit over the top). It's actually quite interesting loads of
>my friends who don't normally buy anything other than stereophonics albums
>have bought it/borrowed my copy.
That's good in that it maybe doing some sort of crossover ande encouraging
people to listen to other sounds. But for me what I've heard of this album
disappoints - the reviews cite Cabaret Voltaire, PIL and DAF* as major
influences. If this was true I'd probably have bought a copy! But it sounds
too mainstream to be, which is why those 'Phonics fans like it I guess.
By the way, you're all well-travelled inteligent people. Can anyone tell me
where the 'kill all hipies, subvert normality' thing comes from? The Secret
Goldfish used this on (the much superior!) Punk Drone a coupe of years ago
so it's clearly from a film or something.

>	Has anyone got the Asian dub Foundation album? I thought it was
>good but
>lacked any of the punkier moments like Free Saptal ram, although the quite
>moments are still very good. Could these albums form a new movement?
Ain't heard it but should. I loved the single, which I think I heard Simon
Mayo playing! I guess it must be on the 'C' list, as is the Delgados single.


*chuck the Birthday Party into that list and you have the Gerils, Dunde
lo-fi marvels.

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