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Fri Oct 29 13:16:43 CEST 1999

On Fri, 29 Oct 1999 10:12:41 +0100 Stuart McHugh 
<smchugh@...> wrote:

> From: Stuart McHugh <smchugh@...>

>  Pavement last night
> sounded ok, again down to the choice of songs as they > 
didn't play too much from the disappointing new album and > 
ended with '2 States'. They also did their Bunnymen covers 
> 'Killing Moon' and 'Bring on the Major Leagues'. I think it 
> might be worth going to see them in November after all (saw 
> them at 'Wowee Zowie' time and it was awful, mainly 
> because they were promoting that album to the exclusion of 
> all their earlier stuff.

My absolute favourite Pavement album! I hope they play lots 
of Wowee Zowee stuff in November.

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