it's oh so quiet...

Stuart McHugh smchugh@...
Fri Oct 29 11:12:41 CEST 1999

>From: Sheetal Singh <sheetals@...>
>Hello- is anyone actually on this list?  Just wondering if maybe there is
>another Peel list that is a bit more active...
There's now 78 people on the list (!), all receiving mail (well, not
receiving mail, I suppose). I have no idea where everyone's got to. Maybe
they're in Liverpool? There's another list which has 7 members...
>Well- I suppose I should say something music related now.  Uh- does anyone
>else think Stereolab are the most over-rated band in the world?
I used to like them but they appear to have run out of ideas. Saw a BBC
digital thing recently and they were dull, and the live session on the
radio was pretty poor, but I think that was due to them playing newer
material. I found myself yearning for an oldie or 2, but they never arrived.
Pavement last night sounded ok, again down to the choice of songs as they
didn't play too much from the disappointing new album and ended with '2
States'. They also did their Bunnymen covers 'Killing Moon' and 'Bring on
the Major Leagues'. I think it might be worth going to see them in November
after all (saw them at 'Wowee Zowie' time and it was awful, mainly because
they were promoting that album to the exclusion of all their earlier stuff.
Heard something really good on Kershaw's program and stayed up to hear the
end. Turned out to be Smog. D'oh! (Also heard a session by some unspellable
fella from Burkina Faso, which was really rather good)


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