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> ObPeel - anyone hear the ATR live set? Not bad though I suspect it would
> much more impressive to have been there.
> S

oh yes, it was wild.  you could hear it from outside the actual arena it was
so loud, huge queues at the gates for people trying to get in and so missed
half of it (not me, but mates), people down the front with their heads
bleeding, such a huge sound, such a barrage of power (and flimsy revolution
rhetoric, but i shall leave that...).    I loved every second of it.  It
felt like summat very special, on the brink of being huge.  I could see
'Revolution Action' being a similar big hit as 'Firestarter' was, were some
Wuneffemm deejay to make it their single of the week.  and what a riot that
would be.

so, uh, yeah it was fabulous.

anyone seeing them on tour?  They have the YY28s/Shampoo-gone-DHR comedy of
Lolita Storm with them......


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