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Thu Aug 19 10:33:21 CEST 1999

>From: Dougal McKinnon <d.mckinnon@...>
>> From: "Rob Fleay" <robfleay@...>
>> > Does anyone know what's happening with the Peel programme
>> > tonight? I tuned in late and it sounds like a repeat of the
>> > one with the Flaming Lips session. Anybody?
>> I thought I was having serious deja vu...it was a repeat of
>> the whole show....I missed the start so dunno if there was
>> any explanation....
>There WAS an explanation, but I missed it.  I was sitting reading Luke
>Sutherland's "Jelly Roll" when I suddenly realised that Steve Lamacq
>was talking and only caught the end where he said "......so instead,
>here's a tape of a recent show featuring The Flaming Lips in session".
Bizarre, but at least I'm not going mad - I was pretty sure that the
Millennium had got set back about 10 years, and then the 'anecdotes', like
how his dad had loads of Charlie Kunz records, how he wouldn't have liked
Panacea and then he played David Gerhaghty's request for his friend moving
to Glasgow...
from the website, it should have been a live dj set from Tony Surgeon... I
must say this is the most bizarre bit of programming I've every heard at
Radio One - usually if there's even a short-notice crisis, they find
someone to fill in, after all there should be some sort of playlist that
the producer has. I know that Peel chooses all the records himself and
Kevin Groaning probably wouldn't make quite the right selections for Peel
listeners, but you'd imagine that Lammo would have hung around and filled
in. Maybe he had a prior engagement?


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