Peel and Simon Mayo

El Oso xrayboy@...
Thu Apr 22 15:53:45 CEST 1999

>Having your name read out by John Peel? How petty is that?

I can see how it might appear petty but I failed to mention I'm not in the UK but in Atlanta Georgia. So I certainly don't need the tape to impress my friends, as no one here would have a clue who John Peel is.

I've listened to his shortwave show for close to 2 decades now, and over the years I've dropped him an appreciative note from time to time, and was always surprised when he took the time to write back. A few years ago while visiting England Peel contacted me and, again to my surprise, invited me and my wife out to Peel Acres for dinner.

Let's just say his house gives new meaning to the term "record collection."

Anyway, back to my petty life......

Tom Roche
Atl GA

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