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Tim Giebel-Inanloo timgiebel@...
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My CR7 is being serviced by Bowers and Wilkins in worthing. It wouldn’t play, fast forward or rewind, as the take-up wasn’t tanning. I think the motors can often fail on these. The downside is that they charge several hundred pounds to do it, because they are Nakamichi. If it’s just a run of the mill cassette deck then there are lots of other people who service them around the country, but I think Bowers and Wilkins are the best place to go for a Nakamichi deck.

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Out of interest who is doing the service and was there something wrong with it? One of mine is slowing down during play and needs some attention....

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That’s great news Stuart!

By the way that reminds me to mention that the other day someone gave me a few tapes with some Peel shows from 1991, 92 and I think 97 or something like that. But at the moment my Nakamichi tape deck has gone for a service, so I’m waiting to get that back before digitising them.

On 20 Sep 2019, at 01:38, Stuart Brooks stuartb@brooks22.plus.com [peel] <peel@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

First tape was three new shows from 1998, including a couple of unreleased live session tracks from PJ Harvey. Second one is a duplicate of a 2000 show. There isn't much by way of labelling so won't know until they are ripped

On 20 September 2019 00:56:15 BST, "johnpeel3904@yahoo.co.uk [peel]" <peel@yahoogroups.com> wrote:

Any ideas what years these 18 tapes cover?

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