[peel] New shows uploaded

Tim Giebel-Inanloo timgiebel@...
Sun Mar 17 19:16:57 CET 2019

Good news! I should be getting hold of a job lot of 18 cassettes, all marked Peel Sessions, mainly from 1993, but Some from 92 and 91 as well.

On 20 Feb 2019, at 20:13, pa0353@googlemail.com<mailto:pa0353@googlemail.com> [peel] <peel@yahoogroups.com<mailto:peel@yahoogroups.com>> wrote:

Yes please take a look at the FRS wiki and if you have recordings of any of the shows not listed or even more complete shows please let me know.

Gotta agree that the last ever Fluff show from 1978 is rather good, he plays just about everything worth playing in just three hours.

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