Re: Fw: ♫ "John Peel in for Jakki Brambles - Radi o 1 - 5 April 1993" uploaded by Andy Walmsley

billfromnorthwales@... billfromnorthwales@...
Thu Aug 29 00:32:29 CEST 2019

I think he "borrowed" that file from us

 Here on Mooo


 The other shows are on the Mooo too



 Hello everyone, how have I been? Well just fine, thanks for asking

 I was going to mention that it is exactly 11 years since we received the 400 box, if you remember that


 But I will just be the first to say - STILL THINKING OF YOU JOHN ON YOUR 80th BIRTHDAY (on Friday)


 Now then, when are you going to play some Genesis?


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