Lee Tapes update

stuartb@... stuartb@...
Thu Aug 8 18:45:26 CEST 2019

A couple of almost complete shows have turned up in the Lee Miscellaneous box, 8th August 1988 and 26th March 1994, adding considerably to the snippets and partial shares for these shows. All uploaded and wikified.

 In addition a few more missing Lee mixtapes from the early 1990s have also turned up unlabelled, filling in a few more gaps.

 Some dates such as 21st August 1992, have tracklistings based on several different mixtape sources, and I think there are now too many tracks allocated after a timecheck than would fit into the programme, so remains provisional until either a full tracklisting is found, or the outstanding Lowman tapes are shared. Steve did say he thought he had recorded the whole of 1992.


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