John Peel 98 Radio Eins whole show

Hans-Georg Schaefer makulaturverlag@...
Fri Apr 26 20:12:06 CEST 2019

it´s now a full show.
i think, now all cassettes of mine with Peel shows are digitized.
I´m trying to put the different pieces together. the first years i split
the shows on several cassettes and just sometime later i started to
bought 120min cassettes.
first case causes several problems. different volume levels, different
sound quality. i didn´t tape the shows with high level equipment back
than. just a simple radiorecorder. from the view on the wav files, i
would say, that one stereo channel was a bit quiter most the time.
Would like to know what you people think about those problems! Should i
share wav files or are you okay with mp3 files and the roughness it holds?
i´m happy to share some shows in the future which not been at the
torrent batch years before.
well, have a nice weekend.

(the file is only a week online, i think)

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