[peel] John Peele and the Strawbs

Stuart Brooks stuartb@...
Tue Apr 9 17:59:35 CEST 2019

As far as I can see the only Strawbs session track available off-air is 
from the show of 16 February 1969 which included a repeat of that first 
1968 session (see wiki). Funnily enough the only session track available 
on that recording is the one that didn't make it onto the BBC album, 
I'll Show You Where To Sleep, and it might be the only recording 
available of that session track.

There are Reel to reel tapes which have been documented on the wiki 
which include the later sessions, but have not yet been shared.


On 09/04/2019 10:45, Chris J Brady chrisjbrady@... [peel] wrote:
> Do these recordings exist: John Peele & Top Gear & Strawbs
> This includes two early Strawbs numbers, "That Which Once Was Mine" 
> and "Poor Jimmy Wilson". These have been credited to Top Gear in 1968 
> Strawbs At The BBC, Vol. 1 (In Session) and 1969 (John Peel's Top Gear 
> apparently) (the Universal Strawbs CD release. The latter also 
> includes the Brian Matthews interview from the same time. "The Battle" 
> was recorded at the same time, and was included on on the Strawbs 
> boxed set as well as the other two releases.
> Chris B.

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