New finds from Eddie

stuartb@... stuartb@...
Sun Oct 14 16:13:24 CEST 2018

Eddie Berlin has discovered a stash of old tapes in addition to the 1979-onwards BFBS series.

 The first couple of these have been shared and added to the wiki.

 1. A couple of 45 minute portions of BFBS shows from November 1978, the earliest available recording from BFBS as far as I know. BFBS Calendar 1978



 2. The earliest known shared Radio Eins show 
18 September 1997 (Radio Eins)


 Hopefully the hyperlinks will work but they are in the usual place on the wiki and with Mooo links. 


 The Lee Tapes are now up to September 1997, and have added a few previously unavailable sessions in recent months, while the main Eddie BFBS are up to August 1980.


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