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Chris J Brady chrisjbrady@...
Fri Oct 12 00:13:39 CEST 2018

Here's a lead which may or may not come up with John Peel shows from BFBS. Folks here will have to do the research and contacting though.

Go to

Scroll down and read the comments ... such as

Maik Hübner 1 year ago

listening to john peel on bfbs in berlin.


Maik Hübner 1 year ago

john peels music on bfbs, the best radio show ever.


Robin Carmody 2 years ago

Many thanks for the material already uploaded here.

As I already have a large selection of John Peel's BFBS shows, the main BFBS shows I would be interested in which are largely not shared here (I already have the 06.09.85 Pick of the Pops) would be those of Alan Freeman (both POTP and rock show) and David Rodigan (who was on BFBS from 1984-2009 - I already have some recordings of these shows, but not many).  Do you have any of either of these?

best regards,


You guys will have to try and contact the folks above to see if they are prepared to share what they have.

Chris B.

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