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Pete Conkerton klacktoveedesteen@...
Tue May 29 13:42:53 CEST 2018

 Excellent Tim, email me your address & I'll get them under way
Cheers aye, Pete
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Hi Pete,
I would be more than happy to digitise these, I enjoy doing it, so it’s no problem for me. 
On 29 May 2018, at 11:02, Pete Conkerton klacktoveedesteen@... [peel] <peel@yahoogroups.com> wrote:


Nothing to get seriously excited about, but...
A mate of mine just found a small batch of Peel programme tapes, no new material but could be upgrades, tape flip covers etc. All recorded on Fuji DR120s with auto reverse while we were down the pub (we were at university together)… He's pleased to offer them to the group, so they're now in my possession and I'm happy to post them to anyone with the time/inclination/technology to digitise - preferably UK but I dare say I could stretch to international postage if necessary. List as follows:

1   27 December 1988
2   28 December 1988  year not noted, presumably 1988
3   02 January  1989
4   03 January  1989
5   11 January  1989
6   16 January  1989
7   17 January  1989
8   18 January  1989
9   06 February 1989
10  07 February 1989  labelled "half", year not noted but presumably 1989, other half (other side of tape) not Peel
11     ??             just labelled "Peel"", no date
Cheers aye,

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