1971-12-22 Top Gear

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http://peel.wikia.com/wiki/22_December_1971 http://peel.wikia.com/wiki/22_December_1971


 It might be of interest that the 3 songs recorded by Peace on 1971-11-30 are available on the Gypsy Eye bootleg 'FREE - Lost BBC Studio Tapes' (GE 065).

 A little bit of history on this short-lived band:
 After the first break-up of Free in the spring of 1971, Paul Rodgers briefly formed a three-piece band called Peace. Alongside bassist Stewart McDonald (ex-Killing Floor) and drummer Mick Underwood (ex-Quatermass), Rodgers played guitar and sang lead vocal. Peace supported Mott The Hoople's UK tour in 1971, but broke up when Free reformed at the start of 1972. 


 I can make them available for download. Please advise where to upload.


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