With a record from Pylon, on Armageddon, this is Danger

STUART MACLEAN sdmaclean@...
Fri Dec 7 01:36:18 CET 2018

As a big JD/NO fan, I have long cherished the Feb 16 1981 Peel show, which contains the first broadcast of the first NO session.  I play that show much like I would play favourite LP, i.e. every week!  And have come to realize that the entire show is a corker, not a duff song in 2 hrs me thinks.  The Lines's Nerve Pylon is fantastic, as is the Pylon (Athens, GA, pre-date REM) track Danger.

So it was with cautious optimism, on the strength of one song known, that I ventured out to see Pylon (actually Pylon Reenactment Society, conceding that only the singer is original, I think) last night, and a great gig it was too.  They did indeed play Danger, so I was well chuffed. Rest of set was as good too, fantastic early 80's vibe, with a huge drum sound that brought back the glory days of Hanley+Burns era-Fall.  Highly recommended.

My ten year old informs me that my 'old radio tapes are toilet, Drake's where it's at'.  I think Peelie would approve.

Stu, living firmly in the past, and ever-indebted to the posting of all these wonderful Peel shows.

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