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Tue Dec 4 14:22:33 CET 2018

When was the period where the shows were 3 hours long, at the weekend and
running till 2am?
I would have thought that would contribute to a lack of tapes. There was
almost no way to tape a 3 hour show without manually switching cassettes.
Plus a core of the audience would have been out and about in the pubs and
clubs at that time of the week.

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> I think the pace of change of music and sense of alternative culture had
> lessened and some of the original punk and post punk era tapers had lost
> interest. Perhaps also fewer young people saw the need for a cassette deck
> as part of their home entertainment system, with the rise of CDs. By the
> end of the 80s/early 90s the pace of change seemed to pick up again -
> dance, jungle, rave, grunge, so a lot more people were taping the shows. A
> mid to late 90s dip as the change lessened and even fewer people had tape
> decks, then almost complete coverage from 1999 as recording entire shows
> became easier again thanks to satellite box recording., and cheaper digital
> storage.
> Anyway that's my thoughts!
> Stuart

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