[peel] Lee Tapes - non-Peel bits - preferences vote

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OK will continue as I am. I’ll document the non-Peel stuff on the tape pages (LE059 etc) but not on the main mixtape pages (Peel January 1990 Lee Tape 59) linked to on the calendar pages.

Lee Tapes 53-55 and 57-59 are now available, as well as 50 which I forgot to upload. There was no 56 in the box.

Some content previously shared on the Rich Tapes but some are from new shows, or shows only tracklisted courtesy of JP3904’s National Library visits.

Incidentally I’m not sure who the extra DJ is – these bits tend to occur between Tuesday and Wednesday Peel shows, and that rules out Radio 1 as being the source. The tracks are a mixture of dance and hip-hop, with some cross-over with the stuff that John was playing at the time. Lee – can you remember?


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I prefer the Peel stuff to be honest. Rather than having Danny Rampling in the audio files.

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