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      With the Lowman box finished, this week I've concentrated on the KevH Tapes.

As a reminder these are high quality off air recordings mainly of Peel sessions, generally with Peel's outros intact, from the early 1980s.

Tape 7 starts off with the first play of Wah!'s second session, from 14th April 1981, adding a track to the Derby share of that date. 

Next up Killing Joke's 3rd, from its debut play on 27th April 1981. Only 1 track was previously available from that show, funnily enough one of the KJ tracks.

Then Flock Of Seagulls debut as broadcast on 12th of May, full show previously available.

A bit of a rarity on side 2 - the debut of Out On Blue Six from 24th June 1981, new for that date, and only 1 track has previously been shared from the repeat show, though there may be Youtube shares, not checked.
Then a repeat of th
e Scars 2nd session, from new show 29th June 1981. The only previous share documented here of that session was from the debut play, Kev's Tape 4! (Youtube and 17-DVD torrent excepted).
The tape is rounded off with the Skodas debut of their only session, adding a track to the Derby Box show of that date, and probably a good sound upgrade for that last track from what's available from the repeat.

TAPE 8 starts off with a session and a half from Pauline Murray. Looks like Kev taped a partrial session from the debut play on the 31st March and taped the whole thing from the repeat on the 15th April, though Shoot could have come from either show. A lack of outros means we don't know which....Next Bauhaus - a repeat of their 1979 session as broadcast on 29th July 1981, 2 tracks new for that date.
Ruts (DC)'s 4th session debut from 10th March 1981 rounds of side 1, adding a track to the Derby share.
Side 2 goes back to 1980, and most of Joy Divisions 2
 sessions from their repeat play on 23rd June. Of course these sessions are widely available. The first actual share from this show, but no outros, and in any case Peel was sick this week and it would have been Paul Gambaccini anyway.
Another archive session from Siouxsie & the Banshees, as broadcast on 25th August 1980, 2 tracks new for that show.
Finally a couple of tracks from Comsat Angels session on 2nd September, adding to the shares for that date.

More to follow....



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