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Thank you kevH ...
Any links?

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      Part 2
Tape 23 (yes I know, there is a large gap in the numbering system) starts off with Laura Logic's 2nd session, from 2nd June 1981, again new content for that show. Then a repeat of the Chameleons 1st, from 7th July, mostly new content for that show. John repeats his story about not believing that the demo the band doorstepped him with wasn't a record by an established act....
Side 1 finishes with a repeat of Josef K's 2nd session, from new show 13th July 1981.
Another rarity starts Side 2, Restricted Code's only session, from the debut on 17th March 1981. Then a repeat of the Birthday Party's 2nd, from 28th April 1981, 2 new tracks for that show.
The tape finishes with Attila The Stockbroker's session from his debut on new show 30th June 1982. A long session so the final track is missing, though a cryptic note on the inlay suggests it might be on another tape.

Tape 24 starts with New Order's debut on 16th February 1981 (sh
ow already available) followed by B Movie-s debut on 7th April, previously separately shared by Kev. Side 1 finishes with a couple of non-session tracks form unknwn shows.
On Side 2 a repeat of the Passions first session from 1979, another rarity as as far as I can see only one track was previously available, in AM quality from the 400 Box. This is full FM stereo, from new show 20th April 1981. Another rare session from the following night is Martian Dance's 2nd, though was previously shared separately by Kev. 
Finally for now, the Meteors debut from 23rd June 1981, adding to the share for that day. Some session tracks are available from later repeats but not in such high quality, and Love You To Death is now shared for the first time, at least on the wiki.

Many thanks to KevH (Not to be confused with Kev of Kev's tapes on the wiki!)



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