[peel] SL Tapes - The End (well nearly) Attn Ken and Roger

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a good job jobbed - have you got the new stash stashed ...

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    The dregs of the SL tapes mostly provided just a few sound upgrades to F50 shows - but some new stuff mixed in.

>From L615, around 70 minutes of 17th December 1986, slightly clearer than the earlier complete share.

>From L616, 35 minutes of 23rd December 1986, mainly from the sessions part of the show, and a sound upgrade over the other shares. 

>From L617, the final hour of 29 December 1986, including F50 20-11, slightly clearer sound than earlier shares but with a weak FM signal.

>From L618, believe it or not the 10th file to cover the 30th December 1986. This is 67 minutes from the start of the show, missing just one session track but I ended it at the point my own tape of the show starts, as this tape could not match the sound quality of that one! Nonetheless the SL Tape is the best sounding tape of the first half of the show. The ideal master version would be File 8 (this new one) (with session tracks patched from Peel Sessions 10 & 11 and tape flip from File 1) followed by File 2.

Tucked away at the end of L615 was a 15 minute segment of new show 18th February 1987.

L619 and L620 weren't shared as they were a couple of F50 shows from 1987, already shared in better quality.

L621 contained the last half hour of 26th October 1989, a slight sound upgrade, but the rest wasn't shared as it was another F50 show already shared in better quality.

L622 was an Andy Kershaw show from 14th December 1991, while L623 was a 72 minute section of already shared Peel Show from the same date, in slightly better quality than the other shares much of the time.

Finally L624-L627 were the last of the Dance series of mixtapes, largely available from the main SL Tapes as Steve had by then started to save the complete shows. A short file of tracks not available from the main tapes has been created.

So that's it, apart from most of Ken's L121-L140 and Roger's L333-L347 batches - which I'm willing to help out with before beginning the next project.

Again many thanks to Steve and all concerned with the ripping, postage costs and storage! 


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