SL Tapes go stereo and half of 1979 BFBS now updated

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Mon Sep 19 14:44:05 CEST 2016

Another 1.9GB of SL Tapes have landed on the Mooo.
L481 contained 2 sides of virtually new show 17th September 1993, with Curve and Pitchshifter in session.

L482 contained the missing two sides of 24th September 1993. These have been combined with L377 to create a complete show file (minus news). Mega City 4, Sebadoh.

L483a supplied the final side of 25th September, new. L483b was combined with a side of L490 to form a continuous 86 minute AK show of 2nd October 1993.

L484 featured two separate bits of the Andy Kershaw show of 25th September 1993, plus the first 14 minutes of the Peel show of the same date, completing that show.

L485 contained the missing side of 9th October 1993, also completing that show, with side b dedicated to the penultimate Out On Blue Six.

Another couple of OOBS show sections on L486, but these are short with much of this tape blank.

L487 contained two contiguous sides of Andy Kershaw Show of 30th October 1993, in stereo, unlike earlier SL tapes. Either Steve has moved house to somewhere with better reception or has got new kit. TGU in session.

L488b was combined with L494a to form another 90 minute AK Show, this time for the 16th October. L488a was some AM documentary, not shared.

L489a contained a side of AK Show of 13th November 1993, with the last 10 of the show on L489b  forming a separate file. L489b concluded with the first 35 minutes of the Peel show of the same date, only 2 minutes of which are new but are a substantial sound upgrade on the Pates Tapes version of the same show.

The rest of L490 provides 3 files from 2nd October 1993, completing that file. The short two minute file seems to slot in to a tape flip in an earlier share L322 where a 2 minute spoken section on the activities of the Antiwar Foundation was for some reason excised...

Well that's all for this week, but note that Eddie from Berlin has, since my last update, uploaded lots more BFBS with June-December 1979 now virtually complete.

Continued thanks to Steve and Eddie!



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