Eddie Berlin BFBS Tapes

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Wed Sep 14 07:32:43 CEST 2016

Wiki-watchers will have noticed lots of tracklistings appearing for BFBS shows in 1979, made by long time listener and Peel correspondent Eddie Berlin. This came about through a casual comment from Eddie on one of major wiki contributor JohnPeel3904's Youtube channel videos, to whom Eddie started sending the tracklistings to enter on to the wikia, these tracklistings apparently running from 1979 to 1994.

I'm now carrying on with these listings, but the major news is that Eddie also has the tapes! After introducing him to the delights of the Mooo the first two 1979 shows have now appeared http://mooo.peelwiki.com/dl/Eddies_Berlin_tapes/, and these are in good quality FM stereo.

Many thanks to Eddie, JP3904 and Branko. I'll not announce every single show or tracklisting so please keep an eye on the Mooo and Wikia for updates


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