SL Tapes - the end?

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Sat Nov 26 22:07:14 CET 2016

I've uploaded the missing second side of L567 half of 4th March 1994, a new portion of the show, including an update on the condition of Kurt Cobain following his drugs overdose.

 L568 and L569 I didn't share as they were from the already complete 11th March.

 L570 jumps forward to the Andy Kershaw show of 18th December 1994 (it looks like at this point Steve finally gave up recording the shows regularly.)


 L571 and L572 were dedicated to the F50 show of the 17th, and is the most complete version of this show, only missing 1 track which is available on a mixtape, so the show is now complete.

 L573-L578 I have not shared as they were of the F50 shows of 1994 and 1995, all of which had been shared multiple times in very good quality.

 SL tapes available from the usual page.

 And that's where Steve stopped his taping for good.



 While the project started in Autumn 1991 with L001, there are another 50 tapes still to go which had not been catalogued, starting from around 1982 and continuing on to 1990! So watch out for these soon.


 In parallel, a couple more of KevH's tapes now shared - (all accessible from the 1981 page) 


 Tape 3b (there were 2 tape 3's) kicks off with Siousxie Sioux Old & New - 2 Banshees sessions broadcast on 18th February 1981, with John's Outros and comments included. That is a new show (the earlier purporting to be from that date was actually from 9th March).


 Next up the first repeat of Positive Noise's 2nd session, broadcast on the already complete 7th April 1981.

 A repeat of A Certain Ratio's 1979 debut from new show 5th March 1981, then another archive session from Teardrop Explodes on 16th March 1981 (1 new track) and finally a Bodysnatchers oldie on 6th April 1981 (another new track).

 Tape 4 is a repeat of Punishment Of Luxury's 1978 debut, not listed in Ken's book, but presumably, like the Slits session in an earlier Kev tape, from either the 8th or 10th June 1981 when John Walters was sitting in. Then a repeat of the Scars 2nd session, on new show 29th June 1981. Then the 1st play of the new A Certain Ratio session on 2nd July 1981, adding an extra track to the earlier short share for that date.

 A couple of tracks at the end of the tape are probably from an earlier use of the tape.






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