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Mon Nov 21 02:40:30 CET 2016

The last 8 minutes only of the Andy Kershaw show of 12th February 1994 kicked off L558. The rest of L558 and L559 formed a complete new Peel show of the same date. Det-Ri-Mental and Bad Religion in session.

 L560a contained a Mixing It from 14th February


 L561 and L562 filled in the large gaps in the Peel show of the 18th February, completing that show.

 L563 and L564 contained the 2:15-4:30pm portion of the Andy Kershaw show of 26th February, while the b sides brought us the first 53 new minutes of the Peel show of the same date. L565 and L566 provided the already shared last hour and 2 minutes, so now only a minute of the show is missing, though seems to have only consisted of a record skipping backwards so taking longer to play than it should have.


 L567a contained an already shared bit of 4th March 1994, but I seem to have not uploaded L567b yet which contains a new section.
Finally of the KevH session tapes, featuring Theatre Of Hate, Red Beat, Crispy Ambulance and Section 25 sessions. The first three are from previously unshared 1981 shows, complete with John's outros, and other than some slight background hum in some of the sessions, are of excellent sound quality, a great drum sound from the ToH session.


 SL Tapes All available from the usual page


 Thanks to all concerned!



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