New SL + KevH tapes

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Sun Nov 13 21:28:26 CET 2016

This week's update - 

 The 14th January 1994 show is now complete thanks to L547 and L548. 


 Between them L549-L551 supplied 90 minutes of the AK Show and 2 hours of the Peel show of the 15th January, leaving just 10 minutes missing from the end of that show.

 L552 was not shared as it contained the first half of 21st January, but with SQ not quite as good as the existing share.

 Instead we jump to L553 and L554 which contained the complete, and mostly new show of 28th January 1994. L555-L557 were dedicated to Saturday 29th with 54 minutes of the AK Show and 135 minutes of the Peel show, mostly new, and the show is now only missing a couple of minutes.


 Next up, a couple of KevH's tapes containing mainly sessions broadcast in 1980/1981, some of which could be tied to specific Peel Shows, some new, and some outros.


 Thanks to SteveL, KevH and Branko for making all of this possible!



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