[peel] Re: Reggae

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Tue Nov 24 23:24:39 CET 2015

Pity I missed that. I much prefer dub/hardcore reggae to the poppy/ska variety that is often played on BBC6 these days. Peely in 77-81 was my introduction to dub/original/ethnic reggae, then I got a couple of Virgin Frontline compilations from the same period, still the best reggie I've ever heard eg Keith Hudson's "Civilisation". Strangely, I prefer New Order's Peel sesh version of "Turn The Heater On" to the original. I bought the Frontline box set which is also excellent.


 >My favourite reggae show on the BBC was Dub Bashment on >6-music - presented by Brinsley Forde OBE (ex-Aswad) a few >years ago. Not sure if they are archived anywhere.


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