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Tue Nov 24 22:17:08 CET 2015

Hadn't previously read through the reggae pages on the wiki but have done now - excellent stuff.  

 I too liked Mark Lamarr's reggae shows (though listening to Peel for all those years means that I prefer shows that mixup genres rather than stick with just one). I've tried the David Rodigan show on 1extra but haven't persevered as he seems to bring the technique of talking over records to a new extreme. As you say, reggae on 6music is a bit sparse (Gideon Coe's not too bad, but Marc Riley's are very contractual obligation like), though Don Letts does his bit on a Sunday night.

 I mostly make do with compilations rather than the radio for my reggae fix these days. I can recommend the recent series of Dub and Roots 2CD sets from the Virgin Frontline and Island catalogues (released by Sanctuary, or whoever owns the Sanctuary label this week) and there's volume 2 of Don Letts Dread Meets Punks Rockers Uptown as well.

 Mark C

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