9th May 2000

dave@... dave@...
Thu Nov 19 11:09:51 CET 2015

Hi Guys,

 Great group and good to hear some of these shows again.

 I wondered if anyone may be able to help, I am looking for a specific show aired: 9th May 2000

 John played one of my tracks on this particular show, which has always been a highlight for me, but unfortunately I didn't find out that it was played/going to be played until long after the show had aired and I have never had the chance to listen to it.

 I have trawled the internet and have come across many files that mostly seem to stem back to this group, but however have never found this specific show.

 I would be extremely grateful if you could keep an eye out for a recording of this show, it would be amazing to hear it.

 Keep up the good work!

 Thank you

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