[peel] Re: Genetically modified group (4, 3, 4, 7)

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Fri Jun 29 10:50:13 CEST 2012

47 peel videos now on peel3904

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I'm with Mark on this one. Maybe it's the time of year - all the anniversaries and stuff.

On a related note, Webby at #keepingitpeel has sorted out a listing of Peel Day events this year - many already gone by of course:


Also, the second annual #keepingitpeel day for online events fast approaches (25th Oct).

Meanwhile, things keep chugging along at the wiki - many thanks to all involved. Here's the latest activity page:

As you'll see, Steve (TK) had the very excellent idea of year pages for the Peelenium, with YouTube videos if available. Work ongoing as we speak.

Also on the video front, after all Eddie's TV shares the other day, some kind of parallel effort going on over at YouTube with the new channel of Peel3904:

Happily, the same person has also added videos to the wiki TV section where these weren't previously available. Very much appreciated and many hours of entertainment for all the family. Here's the "big list" of all the TV stuff (much new or updated):


Finally, also on the wiki, and another brainwave of Steve TK, is the (newish) Glossary page, bringing together a few things that hadn't really found their way to elsewhere on the site:


Anything missing? Please feel free to add a line or two (click edit button, add content, click Publish).



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> i've no idea but I'm puzzled about the lackof activity - for the first time since I found this wonderful group of people I have not had a single message  from you lot.
> still think the bfbs shows are real gems ...
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> Subject: [peel] Genetically modified group (4, 3, 4, 7)
> Fellow Peelites 
> John promises us a model of efficiency, but ends up in chaos. And all the better for it.
> 22 October 1995 (BFBS) 
> BTW, does anyone have the live Billy Bragg session referred to, please? It went out on the 13 October show and I've never seen it anywhere, even though one of the tracks made the Festive Fifty.
> Yours hopefully
> Steve (TK)


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